A Day in the life – Anays Lau

The daily grind of Anays Lau – a mom in PA school. How she manages raising two boys in a long distance marriage

5:00amWake up and hit snooze do this for the next 20min.

5:30amGrab all my stuff and question whether to take a shower now or tonightIn my sleep deprived state of mind, it can go either way.

6:00amDrive – I must leave no later than 6am because Miami traffic will add an extra 40min to my 1hr commute

7:00amArrive on campus and study depending on my level of tiredness

8:10am-12:00pm Lecture

12:00pm-1:00pm Study during lunch

1:10pm-5:00pm  Lecture

5:00pm-7:00pm  Group study with classmates on or near campus

8:00pm Get home to review the kids’ homework and make sure all of their things are ready for school the next day – My mother in law will have already given them a bath and made dinner. 

9:00pmMore Studying

11:00pmBed time


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