21 Day Pre-PA Challenge

It’s a new year!

Many of you are knocking out those prereqs and counting down til CASPA opens. That’s Great! The issue is that you are probably only focused on being a competitive applicant on paper but neglecting to evaluate where your mindset is.

PA school is going to rock your world.

You will be surrounded by classmates who, like you, are singing the PA school blues while dealing with personal life struggles. The program is extremely stressful which can often bring out the worst in people. It is important to pinpoint your long-term goals and find that inner zen. This is especially important for those currently battling any mental health conditions.

What are your long term goals? How well can you handle working under constant pressure? Are there any fears or hesitations? Maybe you’ve never failed a test before, and the thought of it freaks you out. Worried that you won’t fit in or think that you are too old? Maybe you’re not afraid of failure, but that you will succeed and you’re terrified of the responsibility that may bring.

Whatever those private thoughts are in the back of your mind, I invite you to participate in the 21 day pre-pa challenge. This will also help those of you are already in PA school (or any other health professions program).

Whether you’re a parent,caregiver, wife, have fur-babies, or a 20-something year old who just completed their undergrad – you have to adopt the right attitude to successfully complete this academically rigorous program.

The goal of the pre-pa challenge is to get you to focus beyond the grades and prerequisites. Let’s take a look at your mindset and challenge that old record constantly playing voices of self-doubt.

How Do You Join Us?

  1. Enter your email address below to have the daily tasks delivered directly to your inbox along with a printable calendar
  2. Get a notebook or journal – There are a few things you will need to write down.
  3. Follow The PA Café on Instagram and/or Facebook tag us on photos of your progress using #21dayprepa

In addition to the daily tasks, you may want to consider embracing these habits…

  • Replace criticism with self-care and self-awareness – Vow to stop beating yourself up about past mistakes and failures.
  • Stop Comparing – we all have a story so stop comparing yourself to others. That is called insecurity and no one has time for that.
  • Commit to staying organized – Purchase a planner and set up the calendar/reminder feature on your cellphone.
  • Learn to budget both your time and money – get into the habit of only dedicating them to the things that actually matter.

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