All About the Temporary PA License

It is possible to work as a PA before taking the PANCE with a temporary PA license!

With a temporary pa license, new and soon to be pa graduates can begin work in participating states.

Many state licensing boards will require recent and soon to be grads to show proof of eligibility (varies by state) and confirmation of the scheduled PANCE date to qualify. You will have to check with your state licensing board for more details.

Who Does the Temporary PA License Benefit?

  • Those who have a job offer and would like to begin working right away.
  • Residents of states where license issuance can be a long process
  • Those impacted by COVID-19. The Corona Virus has caused some significant delays in licensing and exam scheduling.

Some Important Things to Know about the Temporary PA License:

  • For those with a temporary license who fail the PANCE, depending on the state, temporary license holders may be able to request an extension. If approved, they may continue working while preparing to re-take the certification exam.
  • You can not apply for a temporary license after taking the PANCE. Temporary Licenses are for recent grads who have not yet taken the NCCPA certification exam/PANCE
  • Once NCCPA certification is obtained, the approval for the official PA-C license is automatic.

When Should I Apply?

Apply for temporary licensing as soon as you are eligible. Eligibility requirements for each state licensing board may vary but for most, it is once a prospective applicant has registered and scheduled a date with NCCPA to take the PANCE.

More Information

Click here for more details about temporary licensing (link temporarily unavailable)
All FL residents or those planning to practice in FL, check out the link below to get started.
FL DOH Temporary PA License


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