5 PA School Regrets to Avoid

You worked hard to get into pa school. Make the most out of the experience by avoiding these 5 pa school regrets. 

Here are five (5) pa school regrets to avoid. Let’s jump right on in

PA School Regret #1: Not networking

Like-minded go-getters surround you 🤓 Take advantage of these relationships & potential future employers 

PA School Regret #2: Not taking FULL advantage of student title

Now is your time to ask silly questions & make mistakes. Once you earn that coveted C, that grace/leniency goes out the window. Oh yeah, don’t forget student discounts for various things like Amazon Prime & Apple Music 🤗 you’re welcome

PA School Regret #3: Taking an Undergrad approach

You get out of it what you put into it. So if you’re less than focused all semester-long, then at the end, calculating the grade needed on the next exam to pass the class or procrastinating till the very last minute to study/work on an assignment; that might get you through school but will show up in practice 😕

PA School Regret #4: Neglecting Resources

Save notes (checkout our top 10 pa school must haves here)! Especially pharm 😫 As a first-year PA-C; you may frequently go back to them. Use this time to poke your professors’ brains. Don’t worry about getting on their nerves; they love to teach 😊️ (plus you’re paying for this expertise 😑). Really soak up that knowledge. There are decades of experience at your disposal. Take full advantage of this‼️

PA School Regret #5: Ignoring Mental Health/Self Care

I must sound like a broken record at this point, but that’s because this area is SOOOOO important. When you’re feeling drained, the answer isn’t to go harder. Take a step back & breathe for a moment. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to prove a point & don’t believe those grades define you.

You are smart!

You belong here!

And You will make a great provider!

Now find what self-care measures are needed to get you to believe that, future colleague 👩🏾‍⚕️

As always

That’s just my two cents, do what you want =)

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