Meet Jen

surviving pa school with a family

A mama who survived pa school!

graduate school mom
surviving pa school with a family

Momming in PA School…

One thing that I was lacking on the road to pa-c was a community of other moms with the same goals. Join the moms in pa school Facebook group and connect with 700+ like-minded moms to walk with you.

Hey future colleague 👋🏾 

I’m Jen, holistic psych PA-C, blogger, and mentor

Before earning those professional titles, I survived pa school as a mom

It wasn’t easy! The most challenging part for me was balancing a demanding life with a rigorous program .

I knew pa school would be hard; I just didn’t know the kind of hard they were referring to

veteran pa school

The truth is, getting into pa school was the easy part. I knew what it took to get into and through pa school. What I didn’t know was what lay beyond the Golden Arches of pa school. The daily grind, imposter syndrome,  pressures and demands, an ungodly amount of info coming at a lightening-speed pace & nonstop life 😩

Life Management , the true beast of momming in pa school 

As a creative outlet for my stress, I created this blog to help other moms, like you, prepare for their higher education goals with a peek at what momming in pa school looks like. An honest and transparent look into our struggles, lives, obstacles and how we overcome them, the highs and lows of the program, survival tips & strategies, financial preparations, and most importantly, motivating you with proof that it can be done!

I want to see moms win!  

Not just in their careers but in life in general. To do that requires the tools, knowledge, resources, and straight – talk, no chasers about what lies ahead. 

And that’s what we do here. We are Moms Spilling the Tea About PA School ( sign up for newsletter).

My Stats

physician assistant student in navy blue Cherokee scrubs applying cast

🩺Undergraduate Degree: Bachelors in healthcare administration

🩺HCE & PCE: 5000+ as a medical receptionist and medical lab specialist (68k)

🩺Cumulative & Science GPA: 3.3

🩺GRE: Verbal 155 – 68th Percentile, Quantitative 153 – 49 percentile, Writing 4 – 57th Percentile

🩺Shadowing: 200+

🩺CASPA Submissions: 1

🩺Schools Applied: 3

🩺Interviews: 1

🩺Acceptance: 1

🩺Program: Nova Southeastern University – FTL campus

Click to see my daily grind as a single mom in pa school

Fun Facts

💪🏾 U.S Army Vet (HOOAH!)

👩🏾‍⚕️ My first PA job was as a physician assistant resident

🤑 Debt Free: $309k in 4yrs #Babysteps

👩🏾‍🎨 I love the visual & performing arts

✈️ Enjoy travel with my mini me (THE dopest kid ever!) every chance I get 

🛀🏾 Mental wellness is VERY important to me

😖 I don’t like coffee (don’t shoot!)

📍 SoFlo living 

🛣 Mission trips are a passion of mine

🤠 Country music is bae

💃🏾 I cuts a rug 

😌 I enjoyed a gap year after pa school

life in pa school