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What To Expect

The tea on what pa school is really like!

moms studying in pa school

Studying in PA School

Tips & Suggestions for studying in pa school

Tips on Surviving PA School with Kids

Practical tips for surviving Physician Assistant school with kids by Tiffany Mendoza – The medical momma. Physician Assistant student mom of 2 toddlers.

The Didactic Year

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Top 10 Must Haves

Our top 10 pa school must have supplies

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See how other moms are crushing it in pa school

A Day in the Life

Sneak peak at a day in the life of parents in healthcare professional programs

The Clinical Year

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Finding Balance

Th Clinical year can really put your support system to the test. Here are a few tips for the 2nd year physician associate student mom on balancing the clinical year with family life

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Clinical Year Truths

Part I of debunking the myth that the clinical year is smooth sailing

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Getting the Most Out of the Clinical year

Insightful tips on getting the most out of your clinical year

Life, Self-Care & Mental Health

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Love in PA School

Tips and suggestions from real couples on how to maintain a healthy relationship/marriage while enrolled in PA School

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Handling Sick Days

As a mama, you already know that you cannot predict when your kid is going to get sick and when it happens, it will probably be when you can least afford for it to happen. Time and life will not stop while you’re in PA school. So what do you do when your kid gets …

Mental health

Life & Mental Health

Self-care, Mom guilt, dropout, failure, social isolation, time management, divorce, pregnancy, co-parenting and more….