A Day in the Life – Jennifer

Hey guys! Here’s a sneak peak at a day in the life for a single mom in PA school. As the “A Day in the Life” series continues to grow, we hope that you aspiring PA moms get an idea of what a “typical” weekday looks like as a student.

4:30 am Wake up and have “me time”. I do a 10-15 minute workout, make a fresh breakfast and pray.

5:30 am Wake the little one up and get her ready for the day

6:30 am And we’re off! The mad dash out the door, drop off and 1hour commute to school begins.  Sometimes I carpool (great way to quiz each other before quizzes/exams). If I’m driving solo I’ll listen to recorded lectures …. or Music.

8:10 am – 12 pm Lecture

12 pm-1 pm LUNCH TIME! I usually catch up on personal life stuff such as pay bills, send emails, check on kid’s grades/school activities, register for classes, etc. For the last 30 minutes of lunch, I’ll take a walk while reviewing lecture material.

1:10 pm- More Lecture

5:00 pm Classes are over! Time for the long drive back home. (Some days I’ll stay after school to study and avoid traffic)

6:30 pm Pick up the little one from her father’s. Depending on the day, we either go home or head to the gym where I get my Zumba on!

7:30 pm Make/eat dinner, help with homework, spend quality time with my mini-me then put her to bed by 8:30.  During this time I also spend a few minutes preparing for the next day (pack lunches/snacks, tidy up,etc).

8:30 pm Take a deep breath and salvage what’s left of my sanity!

9:00 pm Study/Review materials from lecture

11:00 pm – Drop everything and SLEEP! No exceptions!

My schedule starts off this way until the back to back hell weeks begin, those weeks I may not leave campus until 10pm.

{Hell Week – 3 exams, plus quizzes and written assignments}

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